About PIRO Jewelers

PIRO Jewelers is a collection of one of a kind pieces that are assembled to order by hand and heart.

Since 1999, PIRO Jewelers has made it their mission to strive every day to earn the confidence and trust of our clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations of quality, service, and unsurpassed value.

The foundation of a family business, and the basis on which our company has grown; an emphasis on personalization and strong ties to our clients, industry, and communities, PIRO Jewelers’ provides our clients with more than they imagined for less than they anticipate. We offer the finest items – well manufactured, well designed, properly represented by a knowledgeable staff, and beautifully wrapped – regardless the budget.

Our mission

To give every customer much more than what he asks for in terms of quality, selection, value for money and customer service, by understanding local tastes and preferences and innovating constantly to eventually provide an unmatched experience in jewelry shopping.

We specialize in beautifully designed jewelry and help you pick out the best solitaires with GIA and IGI certificates. Each diamond is individually selected to give you the best quality diamonds from a vast range of stones..

Our vision

To understand and delight the world, translating everyone’s dream and personality into jewelry, and spread the happiness from it to all.

Shining bright with a young team focused on innovation, customer happiness and transparency, PIRO Jewelers addresses the growing demands of today's always on-the-go consumers to discover, explore, buy and know more about their jewelry.